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End of year get-together 2020.

By Collins Ochumbe, Secretary of Chake Conservancy

The year 2020 has been a challenging period for Chake Conservancy as a whole, most of the planned projects had to stop full operation due to the Covid pandemic. However, the conservancy in collaboration with dedicated partners were able to implement various activities focused around tree planting along the Mara escarpment. With the community gathered we took the opportunity to reinforce environmental conservation and health & safety messages by distributing PPE to people without face masks.

It is in this regard that we as the management have planned for a small party to wrap up the year in style. On the 31st of this month we shall be having our partners Kenya Wildlife Services, Kenya Forest Service and Shavicol Tours and Safaris come together to have a physical planning meeting and enjoy a meal together. By necessity, we will observe safety protocols regarding mask-wearing and social distance while eating.

We welcome all our friends and supporters to be part of this special event in spirit. If you wish to contribute towards the purchase of items for the party, it would be most welcome and you can do so via our general donation Paypal button, please state the purpose of donation in the message area so that we can distinguish between party support and support for our ongoing conservancy activities: tree planting, Rangers, lighting, beehives, widows and orphans etc.

Many thanks again and our best wishes to you for a happy New Year!

Tree planting was successful

Dec. 19th 2020, Chake Conservancy, Kenya. There was a great turnout today for the tree planting! People young and old planted tree saplings raised in Chake’s nursery. Many thanks to everyone in the local Community who was involved, and also a big thanks to the donors from far and wide who contributed money to sponsor their Christmas Trees!

Chake Conservancy staff delivered a Covid-19 safety message and passed out face masks to the community. Here are some pictures. One of them shows our Reforestation Program banner. More pictures will follow along with some details of the planting.

Chake Secretary, Collins Uchumbe was one of the men who received a ceremonial staff of leadership from the elders.

He said “This was a great honour for us and we are very pleased and proud to be recognized in this traditional way!”

CHRISTMAS TREE planting day at Nyakweri Forest, Kenya.

Deforestation at Nyakweri Forest, Kenya. Chake Conservancy image and copyright.

Chake Conservancy will be having a mammoth planting day! This is for the benefit of Nyakweri Forest, Masai Mara, Narok County. This forest has been used heavily for fuel wood over the years and Chake Conservancy is helping to re-plant trees for wildlife and community benefit.

The Reforestation Team will be led by founder and CEO of Chake Conservancy Charles Kinara, who will be joined by members of the community of this area.
Please use the Chake Conservancy gofundme if you wish to sponsor multiple trees or donate directly to Chake Conservancy’s pay pal account.

A Tree Sponsorship is only US $10.60 including Paypal charge and if you write your email address in the space for a note you will get a Tree for Life Certificate by email to thank you from Chake Conservancy!

The following saplings will be planted.

Esokonoi saplings

Esokonoi, a local indigenous tree offering shade and the fruits are eaten by Birds, Baboons, Monkeys and also Elephants. It has medicinal uses as a paste for toothache and its leaves can be used as a toothbrush. It takes 4 years to grow!

Podococus sapling

Podococus, a local indigenous tree mainly for shade and makes a good habitat for birds to nest in, and its good for rainfall. It takes 2.5 years to grow.

Avocado Saplings

Avocado, it’s nutritious for people and of course elephants, baboons and monkeys just love it! It can take up to 3 or 4 years to bear fruit with proper care.

Blue Gum Sapling

Blue Gum, it is an exotic tree and very fast growing, very good for wind-breaks and for firewood, building poles and timber. Takes 1 to 3 years to mature.

You can donate to Chake Conservancy Tree Nursery Fund at any time via our Go Fund Me campaign!